Thursday, 27 December 2012

The perfect time to recycle old outdoor gear

Were you lucky enough to receive a few new outdoors gifts for Christmas? Are you thinking about hitting the post-Christmas sales to buy a new waterproof jacket, walking boots or any number of outdoors products? If so, the chances are you will have some old kit to throw away. But before you add these items to the black bin why not consider recycling them?

Although your outdoors products might seem to be past their useful date, there will be other ways that people can make use of them. For example, at Green Peak Gear old climbing ropes are collected and then turned into rope rugs, dog leads and skipping ropes. Green Peak Gear also recycle nylon (rope), general plastics (harnesses and helmets) and metals taken from old climbing gear.

Another UK-based company that is worth checking out is Recycle Outdoor Gear . This website is the perfect place for selling or swapping your unwanted outdoor kit.

Ebay and Gumtree offer alternative sites for selling unused or unwanted outdoor gear. Perhaps you received a Christmas gift that is not exactly your chosen colour or design. If so, you can sell the item and then buy the one you really fancied.

And if your kit is still in good working order but unwanted, why not give it to a local kids group for their use?

Happy Christmas to all our readers – and an even happier New Year of recycling outdoors kit.

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