Friday, 7 October 2011

Great outdoors activity ideas for October

The October school holidays are almost upon us again! It only seems like yesterday that the children were off school for the long summer holidays - and now you'll be called on to by Chief Entertainer again. But don't worry, we have a list of great ideas to keep the kids (and mums and dads) busy and active in the October school break.

Great activities for families

A is for: Abseiling and archery. Not together, but perhaps one after the other? If you dress for the weather, with warm winter outdoors clothing and accessories, there are so many possibilities for enjoying days in the outdoors in October. Abseiling is a great challenge and can be adapted to suit most abilities. At Highway2Adventure we pride ourselves on finding brilliant places for abseiling and for encouraging children and adults to enjoy the thrills of descending crags in the knowledge that they are safely harnessed and roped. Our expert instructors will show you how to have fun and push your limits just a wee bit.

And after the challenge of abseiling, why not try archery. This activity is growing in popularity and allows children and adults to compete on an even playing field. See who can score the most bullseyes in your session.

C is for... Climbing, canoeing, caving and coastal walks. Wow, there are so many activities to choose from! Why not decide on a couple of sessions and combine them in one day of full-on fun, or choose a different activity for each day of the week? Again, don't worry about the chill factor, even on the water, as we have all the right kit to keep you warm even on a cool Autumn day.

M is for... Mountain biking and mud. Highway2Adventure knows all the great off-road and mountain biking routes in the Cairngorms, Perthshire and Angus so while you enjoy the trails and views, we'll lead the way. Mountain biking is great for children over the age of 12 and adults, and we can tailor our sessions to suit your ability. You'll find you're as warm as toast, whatever the weather, within a couple of minutes of setting out on a bike.

* Coming soon: Keep an eye on this website for our 2012 Activity Adventure weeks for children.