Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Find out more about ... Gorge walking in Scotland

If you thought that the gorgeous gorges and rivers of Angus, Perthsire and Aberdeenshire were just for looking at then you will not have found out about the fun of gorge walking. Certainly these picturesque locations set in the heart of some of Scotland’s best scenery make great eye candy for visitors but they also provide the ideal setting for the great water-based activity of gorge walking.

Gorge walking is an adventure pursuit that sees participants ­ – dressed warmly in wetsuits ­– walking and swimming through rivers and down waterfalls.

Getting wet is all part of the entertainment with this activity that is ideal for children and adults.

The idea is to walk, swim and traverse from A to B along a gorge chosen by the experts at Highway2Adventure for its safety and range of natural features. Once in the water you can expect to slide down water rapids and over huge rocks, swim in washing-machine style frothy water, whizz down water flumes, jump from rocks into deep pools and generally enjoy an adventure with a difference.

Gorge walking is ideal for anyone aged over 12. It's important that you can swim and that you have a bit of confidence in the water. Apart from this the instructors at Highway2Adventure will show you all you need to know, such as how to jump off rocks safely.

Many families enjoy gorge walking but it would also suit a group for a birthday, a stag or hen celebration or a corporate day out.