Friday, 25 November 2011

Grown ups just wanna have fun not boring exercise

If exercise is fun, then it stands to reason that we're more likely to keep at it. It seems that the problem with many keep-fit activities is that they are just too dull and repetitive. As well as a lack of time, another big reason for adults shunning exercise is "it's too boring".

But if you think a little outside the boundaries of "normal" exercise, such as going to the gym, running and swimming, it's possible to see a range of opportunities for fun and engaging fitness activities.

For example, have you thought about climbing? Whether indoors or outdoors, climbing is great for strength and toning and also offers advantages of flexibility and cardiovascular benefits. Climbing is more of a "leisure pursuit" and also involves chatting while sorting out belays and next climbs, and breaks for nice cake and coffee. Trying new routes and challenges keeps this sport interesting.

Mountain biking is also high on the fun factor, and great for body toning and cardiovascular fitness. The challenges are there to suit a wide range of people, ages and aspirations. Again, chat and coffee stops are all part of the culture – and you'll rarely repeat the same trail or bunny hop twice so it's very unlikely to become boring.

Outdoor adventure pursuits, including canyoning, gorge walking, surfing, white water rafting and coasteering can be enjoyed on a regular basis. This sports are high on adrenaline and also require you to be physically active. There is no chance of being bored taking part in adventure activities and you'll find yourself pleasantly physically and mentally tired by the end of a session.

Hill and mountain walking: Walking is one of the most accessible, and cheapest, forms of exercise. Walking to the shops or walking your kids to school might become a bit boring, but heading to Scotland's hills and mountains for a walk is completely different. A day in the hills offers physical and mental challenges and will leave you feeling de-stressed and high in spirits. Walking is also a great muscle toner and calorie burner.

Next time you imagine that keep-fit is boring, try thinking of a new activity.

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